Wood pellet delivery in Estonia in 3 working days

Weight of a full pallet (65 x 15 kg):   975 kg
Pellet diameter:   6 mm
Number of bags on the pallet:   65
Ash content:   ≤ 0,4 %
Net calorific value:   ≥ 4,9 kWh/kg
Store in a dry place. Use only in suitable combustion systems and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and national regulations.
198,00 €/pallet

Price includes transport within Estonia and 20% VAT.

The price is €178, if the goods are issued from the Tallinna, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere, Jõhvi or Võru warehouse. Add the desired quan6ty to your shopping cart and on the next page you will be able to choose between courier delivery and warehouse pickup!

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